Авторский курс «Managing, Maintaining, and Securing Your Networks Through Group Policy»

Краткое описание

Discover how to consolidate the administration of an enterprise IT infrastructure with Group Policy. In this course, you will learn to control and manage computer systems and domain users running Windows Server 2003, Server 2008, XP, and Vista. You will learn to create Group Policies, implement administrative and security templates, and determine best practices when deploying software packages. Walk away with the experience and tools needed to optimize your enterprise systems and networks. This course is intended for Enterprise network staff responsible for help desk support, system administration, and network design.

По окончании курса слушатели смогут:

  • Design and deploy security policies for all your Windows 2003/2008 servers, workstations, member servers, XP, and Vista clients
  • Delegate Administrative Control of Group Policies
  • Back up and restore Group Policy Objects (GPOs) through Group Policy Management Console (GPMC)
  • Easily roll out selected software updates and operating system patches from your network environment
  • Tips for troubleshooting Group Policy

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